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The data collected on this page is collected on behalf of NORSIRK AS

Grensesvingen 6, 0661 Oslo

You can contact us by phone: +47 4000 4201, or by email:


This Privacy Statement is about how Norsirk collects and processes personal information that we receive from users of our web sites and using our services. “Personal Information» means information that may be linked to private individuals.

Norsirk through its Managing Director is the Data Controller for the processing of personal data. Although, many of the tasks associated with such processing are delegated during day-to-day operations, the overall responsibility is still on the Managing Director

Norsirk’s processing of personal data is covered by the Personal Data Act, which gives everyone the right gain information about the processing of their personal data.

Those who are registered in one of Norsirk’s systems are entitled to access their personal data. If an individual discovers inaccurate or incomplete information, they can request that it be updated. In certain circumstances, where data is no longer necessary or unlawfully processed individuals can request to . See contact information below.


The purpose of processing personal data is to manage our customer relationships, to implement the rights and obligations of the customer and Norsirk AS and to process personal information in connection with electronic services, research activities, advertising orientation and / or direct marketing of Norsirk AS and / or its partners via Norsirk AS’s own media and services without transferring personal data to an external part.


The company has personal contact data relating to the company’s marketing and with the company’s customer relations. The data is located in two cloud systems:

Dynamics 365 og SharePoint

These are both Microsoft products. You can read more about how Microsoft complies with GDPR herE

The nature of the information:

Name and contact information

Company represented by a person

Traffic information, such as: Website visits to the company’s websites and activities by a person on the company’s website, such as document downloads, pages displayed, forms filled out, etc.

How are privacy rules considered?

The company does not deal with private individuals. This must also be taken into account in relation to the personal records. Personal data is handled from a business perspective – when a person acts as a representative of a business. However, this does not change the fact that a company must comply with the provisions of the EU’s general data protection regulations and national rules.

Information is used to promote the company’s business, to share information about the company’s services and products or to market research, polls or other inquiries. It is therefore typical direct marketing.

Since the key communication method is e-mail, outdated information is deleted from the personal register based on information about non-delivered emails, i.e. when the recipient’s email is no longer in use.

Any personal information that has not been active in our business communication (the smallest activity opens an email) will be disabled after 2 years. In other cases, personal information will only be deleted when the person wishes.

Norsirk does not provide personal information to third parties, except as required by Norwegian or other legal authorities. Individuals are entitled to gain insight into all personal information stored in our databases. They are entitled to correct the data and the right to have their personal data deleted, the so-called right to be forgotten.

People have the right to restrict data processing, which means that the company has the right to retain the information, but shall not otherwise handle them without the consent of the data subject.

People also have the right to ask the company to transfer personal data about them to another registrar. The data must be transmitted in a structured, plain and machine-readable form.

However, if the company has reasonable reason to suspect the identity of the person making the request, the company may request further information to confirm the identity of the registered person.

Upon request, Norsirk will disclose personal data that is registered in a simple and easily understandable manner within a month of request

Legal basis for processing personal data

Consent has to be freely given, personal, clear and should not be misunderstood.

According to the regulations, consent must be given explicitly by consent, for example, written, electronic or oral. The permit must indicate the voluntary, individualized, informed and unambiguous willingness of the registered person to accept the processing of his / her personal data.

Consent must cover all treatment purposes. Consent cannot be given by not responding, through a pre-completed checkbox, or by being a prerequisite for an action.

If the registrant must give his consent based on an electronic request, the request must be clear and concise and should not unnecessarily be a requirement for the use of the service as it is delivered.

How we safeguard security

The protection of personal data is processed at all stages of the process, and it starts with data collection and ends with data destruction.

The company has a data protection officer. His duties include the monitoring and control of personal data processing related to security.

As part of the planning of personal data processing, the company has also developed processes to address potential security breaches. In case of breach of security, the company will report to the supervisory authority if possible within 72 hours of the violation.

Privacy information is defined in the company’s security policy.

What is the risk management associated with processing personal data?

The risk management of personal information is defined in the company’s security policy. Norsirk maintains this site as a service for its customers and those interested in marketing. We track traffic on the site and monitor user behavior. If you do not accept this, leave the site. Read this privacy statement carefully before using the site.

Accuracy of data and documents

The data given on the site is provided to the users «as is» without any special or implied warranties or representations of any kind, adaptability or non-violation for commercial purposes. Norsirk makes everything reasonably predictable to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the site, but it does not guarantee in any way updated or completeness of the information. Norsirk may, from time to time add, modify, improve or update information on the site without notice. Norsirk assumes no responsibility for any errors in the site’s content or information that is missing. Norsirk does not guarantee that the website or its hosts will not contain viruses or other harmful items.

License and copyright

Norsirk gives the user the right to view, publish, copy, download and print documents on the site under the following restrictions: The documents may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes in connection with reuse and documents may not be edited. Norsirk and the author of the article must be mentioned in connection with reuse. A link to the original article must be added to the electronic document and the URL must be displayed in a printed article. The publisher must take into account third party intellectual property rights. Norsirk is not responsible for the content of infringements of third party copyright (eg Images and Texts).

Submission of material

You should not post any confidential or proprietary information on this site. The user should note that any material transferred through Norsirk’s website is treated as non-confidential. If a user sends information or material to Norsirk through this site, the user gives an unlimited and irrevocable right to access, copy, view, perform, modify, transfer and distribute such information or material and the right to use anything for any Purpose sent with ideas, concepts, knowledge or techniques. However, Norsirk does not provide the name of the user who uploaded the material or otherwise publishes the information that the user has sent Norsirk through the website unless: (a) the user allows Norsirk to use the user’s name; (b) Norsirk first informs the user that the information or material sent to a particular part of the site will be published or used otherwise in the user’s name or (c) the law requires Norsirk to publish the user’s name. Through this site, there is no way of doing business with Norsirk, so aside from these Terms of use, any action taken on this site may not be considered as an agreement between Norsirk and the user of the Site.


Norsirk’s trademarks are used as identifiers of Norsirk’s products and services to indicate who manufactures the products and services. Norsirk’s trademarks may be used correctly in marketing and promotional materials, as well as referring to Norsirk’s products and services (as in a newspaper article) without the permission of Norsirk, provided that mentioned trademarks are used in accordance with common trademark usage and is clearly stated. If you want to use trademarks in a different context, you must obtain permission from Norsirk. If the user is not sure if a particular permission from Norsirk is required, then the user must check with Norsirk.

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