Produsentansvar i Europa

Gjennom WEEE Europe tilbyr NORSIRK alle som trenger å ivareta produsentansvar i flere land enn Norge en europeisk løsning. Et kontaktpunkt som hjelper deg og ditt selskap i det noe uoversiktlige området som dreier seg om produsentansvarsordnigner, lovgivning  og løsningner for EE-produkter i Europa – der er det WEEE Europe kommer inn.

Til sammen 18 godkjente produsentansvarsselskaper i hele EU er med i ordningen. I Norge er NORSIRK partner, i Sverige El-kretsen og i Danmark er Elretur partner. Bare i disse tre nordiske landene er lovgivningen forskjellig – så for å forenkle egen arbeidshverdag kan det være greit å kontakte WEEE Europe.


Do you know what your legal obligations are?

In the wake of WEEE and batteries legislation (ElektroG and BattG in Germany), many companies are facing a number of questions – particularly important questions, seeing as they could be facing six-figure penalties.

  • Which devices have to be registered in which categories and quantities?
  • What collection and recycling costs (WEEE costs) will I be paying?
  • In which countries does my business need to be registered?
  • What are my take-back obligations?
  • What information do I have to provide?

Do you know what this legislation REALLY means for your company?

WEEE Europe – an experienced and competent network

The structure of the umbrella organization enables WEEE Europe to cost effectively call on any of its members in Europe. Data confidentiality, cost transparency and reliability are paramount. The member take-back systems know the legal situation in each country and, together with you, we compile their contracts to be “ready to sign“. And you always have a single point of contact – giving you more time to get on with your core business